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  • Listening to: Helloween - Dreambound (AWESOME SONG)
  • Reading: Just finished "The Strain"
  • Watching: Rewatching some episodes of LOST
  • Playing: Bioshock
  • Eating: Just ate Sushi!
  • Drinking: Coffee
Hi guys!

Another year goes by, and again not much action in my deviantart. I'm really sorry for that. In all these years there are many watchers who liked my past art, and i really want to do more stuff for you.

I was very busy with college, but now i'm free, so i'm hoping to keep doing stuff, mostly because it relaxes me, when y grab my pencil or my wacom it feels awesome.

The first major anouncement is that i will change account to keep uploading new art. Mostly because "temukense" doesn't represent me, so i made a new account called sigilstudio here: :iconsigilstudio:.
I'll be uploading all my old art there, and soon i'll make the final anouncement when i move out completely.

Thanks guys for all this time, and let's hope that this new year comes with a lot of energy, creativity and inspiration.

  • Listening to: Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat (damn 80's nostalgia)
  • Reading: Eclipse - (twilight saga)
  • Watching: Nothing (just waiting to get LOST back! ToT)
  • Playing: Counter Strike Source
  • Eating: I'm about to get something to eat.
  • Drinking: nothing
Hi everybody!

Now that i finally have a decent number of watchers (thanks guys!!), i have a reason to write more often.

I say a new year because my previous (and only) journal entry was more than a year ago, and also because on June 23'th its the Mapuche new year, when the shortest day of the year comes, and the nature starts over again.

Well, what can i say...
I got my first tablet at last !!!, it's a Wacom Bamboo Small.…

It's hard to get the right brushes to work with, but i'm starting to learn little by little.

I am excited to finish painting a drawing made by :iconneko-rulz:

Well, i was tagged by :icondevilarcana: (i feel honored, nobody ever tags me for anything T_T).

TAG! by :icondevilarcana:

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about their self on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 8 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs

1. I love my girl :iconshinodita: with all my heart and soul.
2. I HATE when good games are released only for consoles (i'm still waiting for condemned 2 for pc).
3. I speak a secret kitten language with my girlfriend.
4. I adore kittens!!! (*0*)/.
5. When i'm old, i want to live far away in the woods, in a house with my woman, far from all the crazyness of this wicked world.
6. I enjoy beign arround people who doesn't feel the need to talk and talk and talk.... Pleasent silences (oposite to awkward silences :D)
7. I'm a heavy metal lover who likes 80's pop nostalgia XD.
8. I have two female cats named Bety and Benjamina.

people whom i tag :3 :

:icongabittamorgan: :iconshinodita: :iconsweet-tanuki: :iconmarmotax: :iconpiripanda: :iconcarlanatalie: :iconxsoshx: :iconcustodiokun:
  • Listening to: Jethro Tull - "Aqualung"
  • Reading: Chronicles of Narnia - The Silver Chair
  • Watching: Robert Rodriguez' "Planet Terror" (aweso
  • Playing: Clive Barker's Jericho
  • Eating: Cake! (it's not a lie!)
  • Drinking: Coke
Hi people!

I'm guessing only mi friends are going to read this (i hope), but at least this post is usefull as practice.

Well, finally i'm adicted to deviantart, against all my will... (thanks to Neko, grrrr).

Well, i still hate the way to upload stuff, but definitly love to have great artist in my favorite collection.

Now i'm really excited and thinking about starting to draw again, all that excellent work out there have really inspired me (especially since because my works here are at least 3 years old +_+).

I'm hoping to buy soon a tablet to practice coloring in PS and Painter, and let's see how that ends up.